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Servotech Power Systems is a Listed Company on NSE and leading Manufacturer of LED lights and Solar Products in India. We have a legacy of over 16 years. The Company’s philosophy is to improve the life of people with our products and to support a healthy ecosystem. Read More

Servotech Power Systems have a legacy of 16 years and trust of a lifetime, is a leading manufacturer of Inverters, Batteries, Led Lights, Solar Products, and UVC Germicidal products. Being considerate of society’s well-being, we decided to take a massive shift from the traditional ways of functioning to the modern digital ways that are tech-savvy and efficient.

Servotech Power Systems started with the objective of providing the latest technology to a broad segment of society. Due to perilous situations, we decided to move towards the benefit of society’s well-being.

Taking a leap from being a well-known inverters and batteries manufacturer,we  established the brand Servcontrol introducing UV light products & UVC Disinfectant products such as UV Light Sanitizer for home, UV lights and lamps for offices, & UVC Products for large spaces like Cinema halls, Shopping malls making sterilization easy and effective. Establishing a heritage for the sterilizing sector, Servcontrol aims to provide UVC disinfectant products at an affordable price, to the majority.

We experienced an upgrade in every field, however, felt that sterilizing was something that needed to be done more efficiently. Taking this into consideration, the non-availability of the right set of products, for sterilization and sanitization, the company ventured and started manufacturing UVC germicidal products, UVC and Far-UVC devices like the revolutionary portable Far-UVC Digital Sanitizer UVLEN, UV Lamps for small and large spaces, Automated Disinfection RoboTruk for sterilization of large spaces and surfaces that cover 1500 sq. feet of area, and a Hand-held UV germicidal lamp for home, for easy sterilization of objects and surfaces.in different variation and needs of the people. Being a technology leader in the country, the company took the initiative of introducing affordable safety solutions for all.

We believe in the philosophy of continuous development and growth, therefore we keep updating our processes to operations in a smooth manner, maximizing our output and efficiency while raising the quality of our products and services. The organization has satisfied more than 10 million customers across the globe. Of late, our company has treaded into the markets of South-east Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Servotech Power Systems Ltd is a true example of Make in India. 

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Designed especially with the aim of meeting the demands of auxiliary oxygen to the patients in need, Servotech’s lightweight, noiseless, and portable oxygen concentrator device is powered by a pure copper oil-free compressor, ensuring a seamless flow of 1-10 LPLM instrumental in providing 24-hour continuous supply of virginal oxygen.Availible in 5 and 10 Ltr. versions, the device has an in-built Aluminium-Magnesium alloy cooling fan, promising elongated life and enhanced performance. Paired with an on-the-go power saving mode, it allows users to switch to oxygen supply in their sleep as well.

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