UVC Tube Light

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Servitech’s UVC Tube Light is a multi-purpose product that is rich with germicidal
properties and helps disinfect harmful bacteria and virus from the surface of
different items such as water, food, diary items, and surgical equipment.

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UVC Tube Lights are instrumental in sterilizing the air we breathe, surfaces that are frequent contact points, and helps improve the purity of water we drink. UV-C radiation helps inrisk-aversion from acquiring infection from all bacteria and virus. The technology is also helpful in responding to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and helps neutralize surfaces affected from it. The UVC tube light can be used in shops, workspaces, operational facilities, water purificationplants, hospitals, laboratories, and cinema theatres..



When the day is done, turn off non-essential lights, and turn UVC tube lights. It helps in thoroughly
disinfecting all the surfaces which were points of contact all day long.


Routine cleaning and disinfecting is key to maintaining a safe environment for faculty,
students, and staff. Disinfecting with UVC tube lights neutralize most virus and bacteria.


Laboratories are at a high risk of infection due to their hazardous nature of operations UVC
tube lights help cleansing high-touch surfaces comprehensively.

Cinema Halls

With large masses walking into theatres, a full-length sanitization is crucial. UVC Tube lights
help sanitize all nooks and corners through and through.


With more and patients stepping into hospitals, medical facilities are most exposed to virus
contaminations. UVC Tube lights are effective in sanitizing hospitals and making these spaces safer
and intact.

This UVC Sterilization bag is an all-purpose utility backpack that can accommodate everything from your electric devices, accessories to your wallets and groceries and edibles. What’s more, it can also be used to sanitize a mask and gloves, allowing you to use the same gear more than once without the risk of spreading or getting an infection.