UVC Sterilization Bag

₹4999 ₹3799

Servotech’s UV-C Sterilization Bag is a multi-purpose UV Sterilizer pack that is effective in sterilizing bacteria and virus, including COVID-strains that dwell on the surface of your accessories and gadgets, and make it safe to use again.



UV-C Sterilization Bag is a lightweight, easy-to-carry, and all-purpose product that acts on the DNA of harmful pathogens like the Corona Virus, and safely sterilizes the surfaces of your accessories. With an inbuilt UVC germicidal lamp, the bag is powered with the most effective germicidal properties. Just throw in any of the items that your liquid sanitizers can’t properly disinfect- like edibles, fineries, wallets, keys, gadgets, books, and currency – and make them germ-free.



Place your electronic devices inside the bag and wait just 5 minutes until your gadgets are
sanitized 360 degrees.


Accessories such as car keys, gloves, covers and other everyday handheld items pick up
germs and dirt every now and then can be swiftly disinfected inside the UVC Sterilization


Throw in your groceries and food items and allow the UVC Sterilization bag to completely
disinfect them and make them healthy, hygienic, and hearty again!


Jewelleries and watches are not well disinfected by liquid sanitizers, so, just put them into
this bag and make the completely germ-free!


UV-C technology kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses ten times faster than any other
sanitizer. Tag your currencies, cheques, and notes with the wallet, too.

This UVC Sterilization bag is an all-purpose utility backpack that can accommodate everything from your electric devices, accessories to your wallets and groceries and edibles. What’s more, it can also be used to sanitize a mask and gloves, allowing you to use the same gear more than once without the risk of spreading or getting an infection.