UVC Disinfection Truk -150W

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UVC Robotruk, a sterilization lamp for big spaces with radar induction for human safety. It has a wireless remote control for you to operate the device from a safe distance, with 30 secs auto-delay.

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UVC Robotruk, a sterilization lamp for big spaces with radar induction for human safety. It has a wireless remote control for you to operate the UV-C Disinfection System from a safe distance, with 30 secs auto-delay.The most efficient and time-saving method of disinfecting public spaces, devices to kill the pathogens including infection-causing viruses, bacteria and keeps the air-borne hazardous diseases at bay while sanitizing the surface properly. This device is suitable for all the public gathering places such as factories, restaurants, malls and sensitive areas like hospitals and laboratories.

UVC Disinfection Truk
UVC Disinfection System - Warehouse


UVC Robotruk is capable of disinfecting specified areas in your warehouse with the required dosage of UV light as required.


UV Robotruk are safe for hospitals and provide 99.9% germ free environment for the patients and medical practitioners.

UVC Disinfection Truk in Hospital
UVC Robotruk


Since 8-9 hours is spent in a day in the offices, disinfection is a must for your offices for the safety of the staff and employees. 


Factories have a huge number of employees, large footfalls and thus requires cleaning and disinfection on a daily basis. UVC Robotruk disinfects in a very short time.

UVC Disinfection System - Robotruk


Disinfection in shopping malls is a must for the sake of your customers and employees. Since different people visit from different places in a shopping mall, disinfecting it is a prerequisite and UV robotruk serves this purpose.


Client Testimonial- Servotech
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Client Testimonial- Servotech
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UVC Robotruk, a sterilizer lamp for big spaces with radar induction for human safety. It has a wireless remote control for you to operate the truk from a safedistance, with 30 secs auto-delay. This disinfection robotruk will sterilize any surface with powerful UVC light & kills up to 99.9% of germs.

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frequently asked questions
What is UVC Light?

UV-C light is a proven disinfectant against germs that are toxic and disease-causing. Because of its ability to break down the DNA code and RNA of these pathogens and activate mutations that prevent them from reproducing. Therefore it decreases the chance of the transmission of viruses & bacteria.

Is this UV Disinfection System work automatically or manually?

We has made this robotruk based on remote control so that it can be used from a safe distance.

What if I come in front of this UVC Disinfection Robotruk while it Disinfects? Will this be fatal?

This UV disinfection robotruk automatically turns off when it detects any movement within 5 metres of its distance.

What is the advantage of UVC Technology?

UV-C light is a disinfectant that is simple, easy to use, cost-effective, eco-friendly & chemical-free. The whole method of disinfection leaves no trace, so no toxic agent needs to be removed or neutralised. As no hazardous chemicals are added to air & water, one doesn’t need to worry about disposing of harmful toxic chemicals.

Are there any Safety features in Servotech Disinfection Systems?

Delay Start of 15 seconds, which enables the user to leave the area  before the UVC lamp is turned on.
Motion Sensor that deactivates UV-C Light to detect any movement within a range of 6-8 metres. If no movement is observed for a few seconds, the lamp is restarted.

Does the UVC Lamp Emitting Ozone have any additional advantage?

UV lamps produce ozone that can disperse across the space without being affected by obstructions, adding an advantage to neutralise odours, pollutants, and microorganisms.

Should UVC Lamps be cleaned?

Yes, depending on the environment, the UV-C lamps should be cleaned from time to time with a dry cotton cloth or a paper towel. Always wear protective rubber gloves when cleaning your lamp. It is recommended that the UV-C lamp be cleaned every two months.

Will the breakage of Lamp have any harmful effect?

Lamp breakage is highly unlikely to have an effect on your health. If the lamp is broken, ventilate the room for 30 minutes and remove the pieces. Just wear protective gloves to clean damaged parts and do not use a vacuum cleaner.