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Portable UVC Disinfection Lamp UVC-38W


Portable UVC Disinfection Lamp UVC-38W

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Micro-ozone UV lamp, ozone has sterilization and disinfection, in addition to formaldehyde to odor and other functions, and ozone is a gas, can fill the entire room, without the influence of obstacles, to achieve no dead angle disinfection. Buy this uvc room sanitizer with Remote Control UV Germicidal Light Sterilizer.

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Its best choice for 200-400 sq feet rooms with good ventilations. This model provide you UV-C germicidal range(253.7nm) + ozone which is best for sanitisation in each corner of room. UV Lamp kills viruses and bacteria by destroying the DNA. Once the DNA is destroyed the virus or bacteria cannot reproduce. 360º all-around UV sterilization. 99.9% powerful sterilization and disinfection. Effectively disinfect the virus durations timed operating.

UVC disinfectant products that inactivates viruses and bacteria. We offer a full range of Servotech UV-C lamps with the power to disinfect air, surfaces and objects. Remote control and delay switch can keep people safe to withdraw and avoid UV radiation. Different powers for various applications (18W/32W/38w/52W) Auto-off in case anyone comes close to lamps

UVC Germicidal Lamp 38 Watt
UVC Lamp 38W - Bedroom


Our homes are supposed to be a safe haven where we can relax. But we end up bringing all the germs and bacteria from outside. So disinfecting your bedroom has become important.


Routine cleaning and disinfecting is key to maintaining a safe environment for faculty, students, and staff. Disinfecting with UVC sanitizer kills most germs.

UVC Lamp 38W -Classroom
UVC Lamp 38W -Clinic


To ensure the medical safety of patients, medical practitioners, and the environment, this place needs to frequently disinfect.


Laboratory personnel must clean and disinfect surfaces at least twice daily and consider more frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces.

UVC Lamp 38W - Bathroom


Bacteria grows in warm and damp environments, so disinfecting your bathroom will ensure that the bacteria isn’t allowed to grow and develop.


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Germicidal UV Lamp 36 Watt
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ServControl UV-C lamp! UVC light sanitizer makes it possible to destroy more than 99% of bacteria and viruses abound without the use of chemicals, not causing secondary pollution. Protecting your family with the innovation of UV care.

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frequently asked questions
What is UVC Light?

UV-C light is a proven disinfectant against germs that are toxic and disease-causing. Because of its ability to break down the DNA code and RNA of these pathogens and activate mutations that prevent them from reproducing. Therefore it decreases the chance of the transmission of viruses & bacteria.

My room is 350 sq feet can Portable UVC Disinfection Lamp UVC-38W Sanitize?

Its best choice for 200-400 sq feet rooms with good ventilations.

Are there timers available for Disinfection?

Yes, 15, 30 & 60 min preset timers are available for disinfection.

Can it be operated from a distance?

Yes the remote control system allows this feature.

Can it remove bad odors?

Yes with the UV ozone technology it effectively removes bad odour and purifies the air

Does it have Human Sensor?

Yes, It will turns off automatically when it sense human presence.

Are there any Safety features in Servotech Disinfection Systems?

Delay Start of 15 seconds, which enables the user to leave the area  before the UVC lamp is turned on.
Motion Sensor that deactivates UV-C Light to detect any movement within a range of 6-8 metres. If no movement is observed for a few seconds, the lamp is restarted.

Does the UVC Lamp Emitting Ozone have any additional advantage?

UV lamps produce ozone that can disperse across the space without being affected by obstructions, adding an advantage to neutralise odours, pollutants, and microorganisms.

Should UVC Lamps be cleaned?

Yes, depending on the environment, the UV-C lamps should be cleaned from time to time with a dry cotton cloth or a paper towel. Always wear protective rubber gloves when cleaning your lamp. It is recommended that the UV-C lamp be cleaned every two months.

Will the breakage of Lamp have any harmful effect?

Lamp breakage is highly unlikely to have an effect on your health. If the lamp is broken, ventilate the room for 30 minutes and remove the pieces. Just wear protective gloves to clean damaged parts and do not use a vacuum cleaner.