Solar energy is the conversion of sunlight into electricity which is not only renewable in nature but also helps in reducing your carbon footprint. Every living being needs sunlight to survive. Until now we haven’t fully utilized what the sun has to offer, but now the scenario is changing. Solar energy is now becoming the preferred form of energy. India is blessed with abundant solar energy and around 300 sunny days in a year which has an insolation of 4-7kwh per square meter a day.

Servotech Power Systems is a fully integrated and extensive supplier of EPC solutions. In order to design, build and commission benchmark solar projects worldwide, we deploy world class technology.The highly trained and committed EPC team at Servotech Power Systems ensures the completion of each solar plant from design to commissioning, including its operation and maintenance for the full life of the plant. Over the years, the organisation has established globally accredited expertise in engineering and technology, procurement and project management, design and commissioning, with a clear command over asset management.

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In India, most people are accustomed to the power cuts. There isn’t any state in the country where people don’t experience power-cuts. The situation is worse in rural areas, where several hours of power-cut may be a daily story. Huge burden on the power girds results in power outages with even the big metropolitan cities facing power-cuts, especially during the summer months. Many households in India, recognizing solar power as a reliable and economically viable source of power, have installed solar rooftop systems.

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Electricity costs constitute a significant share in overall operating costs for a commercial establishment. It’s a given that most modern offices have large number of computers & other electronic devices, centralized HVAC systems, etc., that has to run continuously for general day to day operations resulting in high electricity costs. This cost increases exponentially with increase in size of building and manpower. Rooftop solar plants in recent times have emerged as the ideal solution to reduce expenditure in electricity bills by as much as 70%.

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When it comes to industrial solar rooftop, we take the lead with its state of the art solutions. Investment in industrial rooftop solution ensures return on investment by reducing your electricity bills. Our customized rooftop solutions have helped multiple industrial, commercial and institutional customers implement sustainable solar power solutions, thereby reducing their carbon footprint while making sound fiscal sense for them.

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We provide best in class solar solutions to schools/colleges/non-profit organizations etc. Apart from giving sustainable power, in schools & colleges, solar systems also give students an opportunity to learn and imbibe the spirit of sustainable solar power and conserving the planet.We also provide a range of solutions, even financially, to aide all institutes looking to take a green step for a brighter tomorrow.

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frequently asked questions
What is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. It is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available.

What is a Solar Rooftop System?

In a solar rooftop system, the solar panels are installed on the roof of any residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.

What are the different types of Solar Power System available?

There are mainly three types of solar power system:

  • On-Grid Solar System: It is a solar power system to which the utility grid is connected. These are often used to supply electricity to the grid/DISCOM at pre-determined rates in utility scale projects and are most fitting for areas where there are no or less power losses and high electricity tariffs are charged by the consumer. To reduce the total cost of electricity/unit a unit, they can be easily synchronized with diesel generators and also makes it possible for the system to avoid storage (batteries), which is incredibly expensive. It is especially useful in the event of inadequate solar power, as it switches to a non-stop power supply grid.
  • Off-Grid Solar System: They are not linked to the energy grid. In batteries, the energy generated is stored. As it helps you to conserve extra solar energy in batteries for use during power cuts, they are ideal for areas that experience regular power cuts. Solar Power Solutions of this kind are also ideal for homes or installations that do not have connections to the grid. It sets up a battery bank that stores excess energy and when needed, it can be used later. Cost savings in such a device here are not a benefit because batteries have routine maintenance and recurring costs.
  • Hybrid Solar System: The combination of the on-grid solar panel and the off-grid solar system is a hybrid solar power system. To store power, it has a battery backup in it and it also has the capacity to feed surplus energy into the main grid. Your machine will operate even during a power-cut and you still have electricity. It is a mix of grid-connected solar energy with storage. It offers the versatility of being able to store energy in batteries generated by your solar system during the day, rather than feeding it back into the electricity grid. Instead of buying from the state grid at a higher price, this electricity can be used in the evening and at night.
How much roof area do I require to install a Rooftop solar PV system?

Each KW requires about 10 Sq Mts. (100 Sq Ft) of shadow free space. So you can calculate, how much can you install.

How much does a rooftop solar PV system cost?

The average cost of a grid connected solar rooftop system is approx. Rs 60,000/KWp, upto 10KWp. For more than 10 KWp, it will be lower and if the size goes above 100 KWp it will be as low as rs 48,000/KWp.

What are the financial benefits of solar energy?

Multiple benefits would be there like reduced electricity bill and other tax benefits and incentive from the government while reducing carbon footprint and contributing to the cleaner environment.

Why should I install Solar Rooftop System on my roof top?
  1. To enjoy practically free power for 25 years.
  2. Increasing tariff rates of Electricity from DISCOMS
  3. Reduction in carbon emissions, contribution towards clean and green environment.
  4. Decreasing prices of Solar PV Panels.
  5. Easy to Install.
  6. No requirement of additional land.
How much will solar panel maintenance cost?

Solar Panels have no moving parts and therefore require little maintenance which will include module cleaning with water every 2-4 weeks and preventive electrical maintenance every 3 months.

What is the average life of a solar panel?

Average life of a solar panel is 25 years. However, projected life is much longer.