Sanitizer on the mobile
Sanitize Digitally with the use of your smartphone’s Flashlight
UVLEN Sanitizer
UVLEN Digital Sanitizer


FAR UVC Digital Sanitizer

₹2699 ₹1899

What is UVLEN? Ultraviolet + LENs = UVLEN

  • Kills 99% Germs & Viruses
  • Tested & Certified
  • Cheaper than Liquid Sanitizer
  • Sanitize Digitally with the use of your smartphone’s Flashlight
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Unbelievable Technology which might give you a thought, that it’s not possible but Technology keeps changing the world. The only product in India based on FAR UVC Technology and considered fully safe for Human Skin and eyes (Backed up by studies Conducted all around the globe) Tested & Certified by Reputed Labs in India, Canada & Korea. Now you don’t need to worry about carrying liquid sanitizer everywhere or the spillage or the damage to electronics or all the other hassles that it comes with, It Gives 10,000 Sanitization at Per Sanitization cost less than 20 Paisa.



Keeping our hands clean helps prevent the spread of disease and sanitizing your hands is a good substitute for washing hands.


A face mask is the need of the hour! Keeping it clean is much more required. Use UVLen Digital Sanitizer to keep disinfected.

UVlen Sanitizer
UVLEN Digital Sanitizer


Disinfectants don’t harm your keyboard and cleaning them will help you remain germ free.


With everyone at home, cleaning has become a daily activity in every household – and that should include your accessories, which could hold more germs than your fingers.



Cash is notoriously covered in germs; studies suggest that paper bills can contain bacteria and viruses, plus lead to the spread of disease. So disinfecting your currency is another need of hour.


Client Testimonial- Servotech
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Client Testimonial- Servotech
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ServControl UV-C lamp! UVC light sanitizer makes it possible to destroy more than 99% of bacteria and viruses abound without the use of chemicals, not causing secondary pollution. Protecting your family with the innovation of UV care.

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frequently asked questions
What is FAR UVC?

UV-C light is a proven disinfectant against germs that are toxic and disease-causing. Because of its ability to break down the DNA code and RNA of these pathogens and activate mutations that prevent them from reproducing. Therefore it decreases the chance of the transmission of viruses & bacteria.

What is the difference between FAR-UVC AND UVC LIGHT?

Far-UVC uses a lower range of wavelengths (between 207 and 222 nm) for disinfection. Most far-UVC products contain 222 nm light.

UVC Light The most commonly employed type of UV light for germicidal applications is a low-pressure mercury-vapour arc lamp, emitting around 254 nm. However, these lamps can be used to disinfect unoccupied spaces.
Operation of these conventional germicidal UV lamps in occupied public spaces is not suggested. Since exposure to these wavelengths is a health hazard, causing both skin cancer and eye diseases. That’s why Servotech’s all Products which emit UV-C 253.7 nm are equipped with Microwave human sensors to avoid the exposure.

Is it safe to be used on keyboards?

Disinfectants don’t harm your keyboard and cleaning them will help you remain germ free.

Is far UVC digital Sanitizer safe for pets?

This sanitizer is safe for humans as well as pets. It sanitizes your hands within 10 seconds.

Is it suitable for all types of smartphones?

Easily placed on top of your phone’s flashlight, compatible with all mobile smartphone devices to sanitize digitally in a few seconds.

What is the cost effectiveness of far UVC digital Sanitizer?

It gives 10,000 sanitization at Per sanitization cost less than 20 Paisa.

What is the advantage of UVC Technology?

UV-C light is a disinfectant that is simple, easy to use, cost-effective, eco-friendly & chemical-free. The whole method of disinfection leaves no trace, so no toxic agent needs to be removed or neutralised.As no hazardous chemicals are added to air & water, one doesn’t need to worry about disposing of harmful toxic chemicals.

Are there any Safety features in Servotech Disinfection Systems?

Delay Start of 15 seconds, which enables the user to leave the area  before the UVC lamp is turned on.
Motion Sensor that deactivates UV-C Light to detect any movement within a range of 6-8 metres. If no movement is observed for a few seconds, the lamp is restarted.

Is this UVLEN digital sanitizer completely safe for humans?

Yes, based on far UVC technology, this hand sanitizer is considered to be completely safe for human skin and eyes. This digital sanitizer has been tested and certified by reputed labs in India, Korea, and Canada.